Section ‘Ethics & Practical Philosophy’

The section Ethics & Practical Philosophy includes but is not limited to researchers working in:

  • Applied Ethics (including Bioethics)
  • Normative Ethics
  • Meta-ethics
  • Moral Psychology
  • Cultural Philosophy
  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Political, Social and Legal Philosophy

Section committee

The OZSW committee ‘Ethics & Practical Philosophy’ consists of the following people:

Delft University of TechnologyNeelke Doorn
Eindhoven University of TechnologySven Nyholm
Erasmus University Rotterdam-
Radboud University NijmegenMarin Terpstra
University of AmsterdamThomas Nys
University of GroningenPauline Kleingeld
Leiden UniversityThomas Fossen
University of TilburgMaureen Sie (Chair)
University of TwenteMichael Nagenborg
University of UtrechtRutger Claassen
University of UtrechtIngrid Robeyns
VU University AmsterdamGerben Meynen

In addition, the committee has a number of advisory members:

UMC Utrecht Ghislaine van ThielMedical / Bio-ethics
Erasmus UniversitySjoerd van TuinenCultural Philosophy & Philosophical Anthropology
Utrecht UniversityBald de VriesPhilosophy of Law
Leiden UniversityJoachim NieuwlandRepresentative PhD council
Protestantse Theologische Universiteit Theo Boer Theological Ethics
Wageningen UniversityMarcel VerweijEthics in relation to food and animal sciences, and public health

Activities of the section

Several OZSW study groups are within the scope of the section Ethics & Practical Philosophy. The section also contributes to the OZSW education program for PhD and Research Master students.


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