Section ‘Ethics & Practical Philosophy’

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Section committee

The OZSW committee ‘Ethics & Practical Philosophy’ consists of the following people:


Dr. mr. ir. Neelke Doorn

Delft University of Technology

Dr. Maureen Sie

University of Tilburg

Dr. Michael Nagenborg

University of Twente

Dr. Sven Nyholm

Eindhoven University of Technology

Prof. dr. Pauline Kleingeld

University of Groningen

Prof. dr. Gerben Meynen

VU University Amsterdam

Dr. Marin Terpstra

Radboud University Nijmegen

Dr. Thomas Fossen

Leiden University

Dr. Rutger Claassen

University of Utrecht

Dr. Thomas Nys

University of Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Robeyns

University of Utrecht

Advisory members

In addition, the committee has a number of advisory members:

Ghislaine van Thiel

UMC Utrecht

Prof. dr. Theo Boer

Protestantse Theologische Universiteit
Theological Ethics

Dr. Sjoerd van Tuinen

Erasmus University
Cultural Philosophy & Philosophical Anthropology

Prof. dr. Marcel Verweij

Wageningen University 
Ethics in relation to food and animal sciences, and public health

Dr. mr. Bald de Vries

Utrecht University 
Philosophy of Law

Joachim Nieuwland, MA

Leiden University 
Representative PhD council