Study group Feminist Philosophy

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  • Catherine Koekoek (PhD candidate, Erasmus School of Philosophy, Rotterdam)
  • Dr. Marieke Borren (Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Open University, Heerlen)
  • Dr. Karen Vintges (Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam)
  • Dr. Veronica Vasterling (Associate Professor Gender Studies and Philosophy at the Institute for Gender Studies. Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen)

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

Topic & aim

The discipline of feminist philosophy has expanded enormously over the past three decades, now covering all philosophical areas- ethics, political philosophy, metaphysics, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, history of philosophy. While feminist philosophy initially focused predominantly on analysing gender inequality and gendered power relations, currently it addresses issues of inequality and exclusion in a broad sense, in relation to other academic fields such as postcolonial theory, environmental studies and political theory. The study group feminist philosophy aims to contribute to the development of feminist philosophy in the Netherlands and stimulate international cooperation.

Set-up & practicalities

The study group meets three times throughout the academic year to discuss work in progress by participants. Dates are set depending on participants’ availability. The study group also organises an annual lecture by a distinguished speaker in the field of feminist philosophy. Other activities include the organisation of an international summer course on feminist philosophy and international publications in cooperation with amongst others SWIP.Nl and IAPh (The International Association of Women Philosophers).

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
Vintges, KarenUniversity of Amsterdam
Halsema, AnnemieVU University Amsterdam
Vasterling, VeronicaRadboud University Nijmegen
Schaubroeck, KatrienUniversiteit Antwerpen
Prange, MartineTilburg University
Smiet, KatrineRadboud University Nijmegen
van der Tuin, IrisUtrecht University
Dufourcq, AnnabelleRadboud University Nijmegen
de Haan, SannekeTilburg University
Groot, EvelineErasmus University Rotterdam
Cawston, AmandaTilburg University
Georgescu, LauraUniversity of Groningen
Knowles, CharlotteUniversity of Groningen
Hajjar, CrystelUniversity of Groningen
Wehrle, MarenErasmus University Rotterdam
den Boer, LucasUniversity of Groningen
Heijmeskamp, ThijsErasmus University Rotterdam
Eilenberger, Hans-GeorgTilburg University
Lopez Cantero, PilarTilburg University
Koekoek, CatherineErasmus University Rotterdam
Rijnders, JeroenVU University Amsterdam
van Balen, SophieErasmus University Rotterdam
Bellamine, MyriamUtrecht University
Barbosa Mendes, AnaErasmus University Rotterdam
Gobbo, ElisabettaErasmus University Rotterdam
Withaeckx, SophieMaastricht University
Borren, MariekeOpen Universiteit Nederland
Vroone, AnnabelleRadboud University Nijmegen

Other people who belong to this group

Evelien Geerts, Kathrin Thiele, Beatrice Spallaccia, Martine Berenpas, Sarita Fae Jarmack, Allegra Reinalda, Adèle Wester, Aastha Mishra, Lotte Spreeuwenberg, Stephanie Sauveur, Annelies Kleinherenbrink, Katelijne Malomgré, Anna Sophie Sanders, Sigrid Wallaert, Robin Wisse, Talita Ferrantelli, Shruti Rai, Jorrit Smit, Jos Delnoij, Per-Erik Milam, Susan Peeters, Sanne Groothuis, Saniye Ince, Gaia Belardinelli, Sofie Avery, Esmée van den Wildenberg, Nathanja van den Heuvel, Fleur Jongepier, Annelies van der Meij, Renza Iqbal

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