Founding partners

The Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool Wijsbegeerte (OZSW), or the Dutch Research School of Philosophy, is a collaboration of the philosophy departments/faculties of 12 Dutch research universities:

Delft University of Technology

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Ethics/Philosophy of Technology Section

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Faculty of Philosophy

Radboud University

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology & Religion Studies

Twente University

Faculty of Behavioral, Management and Social sciences; Philosophy Department

University of Groningen

Faculty of Philosophy

VU University Amsterdam

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Philosophy

Eindhoven University of Technology

Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Section Philosophy & Ethics

Leiden University

Faculty of Humanities, Institute for Philosophy

Tilburg University

Tilburg School of Humanities, Department of Philosophy

University of Amsterdam

Faculty of Humanities, discipline of Philosophy

Utrecht University

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

logo maastricht university

Maastricht University

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Philosophy

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