Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

How can I make changes to my member profile?

You can make some changes yourself when logged in, for instance adding or changing your photo, personal webpage and areas of interest/expertise. Some other changes can only be made by the OZSW Office, such as your OZSW membership type, OZSW section(s), and affiliation. Finally, for adding an OZSW study group to your profile, please register on the webpage of the study group in question.

How can I declare costs to the OZSW?

For the administrative details see here. If you are declaring costs as a study group, visit this page.

Are OZSW activity locations accessible to people with a disability?

For most activities we make use of rooms available at the OZSW founding faculties. Many of them will be accessible to people with a disability, but this may not always be the case. Are you planning to participate in an OZSW activity and do you have a disability that we should take into account (e.g. mobility impairment, visual impairment, hard of hearing)? If yes, do not hesitate to contact the OZSW. Any information that you provide will be kept private and will not be passed to anyone without your consent

By senior researchers

Can the OZSW promote/announce the philosophy event that I organize?

For the announcement of non-OZSW events to philosophers in the Netherlands you can use the Filos-NL mailing list.  The OZSW only announces its own events over our mailinglists. What we can do, is to include your event in the event calendar on our website – provided that it is an academic philosophy event in the Netherlands. In fact, any such event announced on Filos-NL will be copied to our event calendar once a week by the OZSW office. But you can also use the form on our site to add your event.

How does organizing/coordinating a course for the OZSW work?

Great that you would like to contribute to the OZSW training program by organizing a course, workshop, master class, graduate conference or another activity! We appreciate your contribution. Please visit our web page with more information about organizing/coordinating an educational activity for the OZSW.

By PhD and ReMa students

Do PhD candidate members need to complete a specific course program?

No, the final responsibility for the training program remains with the faculty to which the PhD candidate is affiliated. The OZSW merely offers a range of educational activities (courses, graduate conferences, master classes, etc.) with which PhD student candidates can choose to supplement their training. It is possible to get a certificate for each individual activity, or a certificate for the total OZSW program a candidate has followed over the years.

Can the OZSW give me official credit points (ECs) on completing a course?

No, generally not. OZSW educational activities (courses, graduate conferences, master classes, etc.) are taught by qualified researchers from the OZSW founding faculties, or qualified external guest lecturers invited by them. However, the OZSW itself is an umbrella organization that does not have  the accreditation needed to reward students with EC’s. What you can do is request a certificate that indicates that you have successfully completed an OZSW educational activity “with a study load that is the equivalent of … EC.” Dutch students may make a request to their local examination committee to get official acknowledgement of this certificate and make it count towards their graduation (more information), but the OZSW cannot guarantee that such request will be granted.

I have a problem with my supervisor. Could the OZSW help?

PhD candidates and Junior Researchers of the OZSW may address the PhD-Council and/or the Director (Frans de Haas) in case of a serious conflict with a supervisor. If necessary, the Scientific Director will take up the case in question with the dean of the faculty or the head of the department concerned and act as a mediator between the junior researcher and his or her institution. This service does not come instead of, but should be seen as additional to already existing policies at the faculty/institute. For further information, please consult the PhD-Council or the OZSW Director.

Financial questions

How do I bill the OZSW?

If you wish to bill the OZSW, we will need some information from you. Please visit this page to see what we need.

If you are declaring costs for a study group, visit this page.

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