Frequently Asked Questions


Organizing Courses and Other Activities

How does organizing / coordinating a course for the OZSW work?

Great that you would like to contribute to the OZSW educational program. We appreciate your contribution. Please visit this webpage for all the information and documents you need.

What are the deadlines for getting a course on the OZSW program?

Educational programs for research schools have to be available 2 years in advance. Also, the OZSW needs to budget the expenses of OZSW courses, and needs to know the expected income and expenses of the course in advance. Below you can find the deadlines for applying for a course and sending in the budget plan to the OZSW and section head. For more information on organizing a course, including forms to send in the application and budget plan, please check our webpage with more information.

I would like to organize a course specifically for ReMa students. What should I do?

You can follow the same guidelines for organizing a course for the OZSW, but it is wise to also contact the Research Master coordinators to check what the needs and requirements are.

Does the OZSW pay teachers and organizers for their work for the OZSW?

It has been nationally agreed upon that every lecturer who makes educational efforts for a research school is given the space of his or her faculty or graduate school in relation to his or her other task calculation. You can read more about the agreement here.

Does the OZSW cover travel costs?

Cost for guest teachers/speakers from one of the 12 founding partners travel cannot be declared to the OZSW. They should declare travel costs to their employer.

For guest teachers from other Dutch faculties / universities/ organizations it is possible to declare travel costs to the OZSW. Please go to this page for more information

Can I give our teachers / lecturers gift vouchers?

Unfortunately, due to new tax rules, universities cannot reimburse costs made for vouchers. However, you are allowed to give other types of presents (e.g. book, wine, flowers) limited to a maximal amount of €25,00 per present and send the bill to the OZSW (see under ‘Finances’ how to declare costs)

How many EC can a student earn with my course / activity?

OZSW is not authorized to decide on the amount of ECTS. This has to be discussed with thelocal exam committees before the course starts. In this file you can find some guidelines.

What should be in the course program?

This should be discussed with the section head(s) and/or Research Master coordinators

Who does the evaluation of the course?

The OZSW office sends out a standard anonymous evaluation to the participants of the course through our registration system. If you have any specific wishes, please contact the OZSW.

How much should the course fee be?

Participation for OZSW members is free or at a significantly
reduced rate. Non-OZSW members pay a fee. For offline and online courses this will generally be between 300 and 350 euro.

Why do we have to charge a 300 euro fee for an OZSW activity?

The 300 fee is usually only for non-members, who otherwise don’t financially contribute to the OZSW. Organizing courses and running a research school office comes with expenses, that are not always visible. We always check the registrations, and non-member registrations who might be eligible for membership always get an e-mail from us if they would rather become a member which is always cheaper than paying for one course.

Does the OZSW office book rooms and catering, compile and print course materials, invite lecturers, book travel, and inform participants about the program?

No, the local organizer is responsible for the tasks mentioned in the question. This is the most efficient way, and least prone to mistakes due to miscommunication


How can I declare costs to the OZSW?

As a ReMa student, lecturer not affiliated with a Dutch university, you can sometimes declare costs. Please visit this page for more information.

How do I bill the OZSW?

If you wish to bill the OZSW, visit this page.


Participants (PhD’s, ReMa & others)

PhD / ReMa Educational Program

Do PhD candidate members need to complete a specific course program?

No, the final responsibility for the training program remains with the faculty to which the PhD candidate is affiliated. The OZSW merely offers a range of educational activities (courses, graduate conferences, master classes, etc.) with which PhD student candidates can choose to supplement their training. It is possible to get a certificate for each individual activity, or a certificate for the total OZSW program a candidate has followed over the years.

Do ReMa students need to complete a specific course program?

Within the framework of the DLG-LOGOS agreement, it has been agreed
that the that individual Research Master students earn at least 10 EC in 2 years of their Research Master program at a LOGOS research school. Local ReMa programs are responsible to offer this space in the program, and initiate collaboration with other ReMa programs to organize a sufficient number of courses at the research school.


Can the OZSW give me official credit points (ECs) on completing a course?

OZSW educational activities (courses, graduate conferences, master classes, etc.) are taught by qualified researchers from the OZSW founding faculties, or qualified external guest lecturers invited by them. However, the OZSW itself is an umbrella organization that does not have  the accreditation needed to reward students with EC’s. Dutch students may make a request to their local examination committee to get official acknowledgement of this certificate and make it count towards their graduation (more information), but the OZSW cannot guarantee that such request will be granted.

Do courses from another ReMa program than my own count as OZSW credits (ECs)?

No, ECs earned at another ReMa program do not count as OZSW / Research school credits.

Attending and registration of courses

Is there a registration and cancellation policy?

Yes. You can find it here.

Are OZSW activity locations accessible to people with a disability?

For most activities we make use of rooms available at the OZSW founding faculties. Many of them will be accessible to people with a disability, but this may not always be the case. Are you planning to participate in an OZSW activity and do you have a disability that the organizers should take into account (e.g. mobility impairment, visual impairment, hard of hearing)? If yes, do not hesitate to contact the OZSW. Any information that you provide will be kept private and will not be passed to anyone without your consent

Do you take into account dietary wishes?

Yes, in the registration form you will be asked for dietary wishes, and the organizers will try take these into account with choosing the catering.



How do I become a member?

Check this page if you are elgible to become an OZSW member and how you can register for membership.

How can I make changes to my member profile?

You can make some changes yourself when logged in, for instance adding or changing your photo, personal webpage and areas of interest/expertise. Some other changes can only be made by the OZSW Office, such as your OZSW membership type, OZSW section(s), and affiliation.

Promoting of events and job openings

Can the OZSW promote/announce the philosophy event that I organize?

For the announcement of non-OZSW events to philosophers in the Netherlands you can use the Filos-NL mailing list.  The OZSW only announces its own events over our mailinglists. What we can do, is to include your event in the event calendar on our website – provided that it is an academic philosophy event in the Netherlands. In fact, any such event announced on Filos-NL will be copied to our event calendar once a week by the OZSW office. For more information on how to have your activity added to the event calendar, please click here

Social Safety

I have a problem with a teacher / supervisor / colleague. Could the OZSW help?

Each university has their own guidelines and counselors on social safety. You can find an overview of the guidelines and other information here.

PhD candidates and Junior Researchers of the OZSW may address the PhD-Council and/or the Director (Frans de Haas) in case of a serious conflict with a supervisor. If necessary, the Scientific Director will take up the case in question with the dean of the faculty or the head of the department concerned and act as a mediator between the junior researcher and his or her institution. This service does not come instead of, but should be seen as additional to already existing policies at the faculty/institute.


I do not agree with the (OZSW) policy, what can I do?

The OZSW policy is for a large part based on the national policy, decided by the Council of Deans in Arts & Humanities (DLG). Otherwise the OZSW board decides on the OZSW policy. If you have an issue with the policy, go to your faculty dean or head of department. Although the OZSW office does not have much say in the policy, we can help in informing the heads of departments or faculties.

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