FILOS-NL Mailinglist

FILOS-NL is the mailing list for philosophy in The Netherlands and Flanders

FILOS-NL is intended for

  • Announcements of activities related to philosophy (in the broad sense); for example. lectures, conferences, symposia (in The Netherlands and Belgium, but also
    abroad if relevant for our community) and PhD defences.
  • Calls for submission of manuscripts (e.g. for special issues of journals, essay contests, etc.)
  • Announcements of newly established journals, new organizations or institutes, etc.
  • Vacancies and job advertisements relevant for philosophers

FILOS-NL is NOT intended for

  • Commercial activities and advertisements
  • Discussions
  • Self-promotion


  • Sending reminders is allowed, but within reasonable limits (not too often)
  • Always consider carefully whether your post is relevant for (part of) the community of philosophers in The Netherlands and Flanders

For more information and to subscribe to the mailinglist, go to this page.
Note: you might get a security warning. Unfortunately we do not have the authorization to change this ourselves.

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