Courses at other Dutch Universities

It is possible for Research Master (ReMA) students at a Dutch university to follow courses and seminars at ReMA programmes at other Dutch universities. Below you find an overview of available courses from Research Masters in Philosophy for the academic year 2019/2020.  Please note that the list below includes some courses that cannot be followed by external students. As soon as we have more information about that, we will update this page accordingly.

Course Overview

Below an overview of the courses that are open to external ReMa students from other universities. Please note that not all of these courses might be open for external students. Semester 1

Course NameUniECTS
Course NameUniECTS
Topics in Philosophy Language and Logic: Kripke's "Naming and Necessity"UU5
Topics in Philosophy Plato and Aristotle: Plato's Republic UU5
Topics in Social and Political Philosophy: Socialism UU5
Topics in Ethical Theory: Why care about the future or the past?UU5
Topics in German Idealism: The Turning Point of 1801-03UU5
Topics in Philosophy of Mind: McDowell's "Mind and World"UU5
History of Philosophy 1RU10
Metaphysics and Philosophical Anthropology RU10
Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy RU10
Philosophy of ReligionRU10
Ethics and Politics of Surveillance and PrivacyUvA6
History of Logic: Theories of Language in Early Modern Philosophy. UvA6
Meaning, Reference and Modality UvA6
Rationality, Cognition and Reasoning UvA6
Thinking with Foucault: Neoliberalism & Beyond   UvA6
Art and Democracy UvA12
De Griekse wereld in Hegels "Phänomenologie des Geistes" UvA12
History and Philosophy of the Humanities UvA12
Phenomenology: Sartre's Being and Nothingness UvA12
Philosophy of the Social Sciences UvA12
Reflexieve moderniteit UvA12
Systeem en vrijheid: Schelling tussen Spinoza en Kant UvA12
Diagnosing the Present: Foucauldian, Marxist, and Feminist Critiques of Neoliberalism UvA6
Ethics and the Good Life UvA6
Ontology: Historical Perspectives UvA6
Philosophical Encounters: Sartre vs. Blanchot UvA6
Philosophy of Cognition UvA6
Conceptual Change RUG6
Hannah Arendt RUG6
Marx and Contemporary Political Phil. RUG6
Towards a Just Society RUG6
Wittgenstein RUG6
Core Issues: Nihilism RUG6
Advanced Metaethics RUG6
Modernity as Dominance RUG6
Perspectives on pluralism RUG6
Philosophy of Neuroscience RUG6
Racism, Colonialism, and Philosophy RUG6
The Evolution of Social BehaviorRUG6
Methodology of Economics EUR7.5
Rationality and Choice EUR7.5
Ethics and Economics EUR7.5
The Theory of Practice and Distributive Justice EUR3.75
20th-Century German Philosophy: The Deployment of the Ancient Greek Tradition in 20th Century German Philosophy UU5
Semester 2
Course NameUniECTS
Course NameUniECTS
Digital Ethics UU5
History and Philosophy of Objectivity UU5
20th-Century German Philosophy UU5
History of Philosophy 2 RU10
Metaphysics and Philosophical Anthropology RU10
Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy RU10
Philosophy of Mind and LanguageRU10
Essayistiek en Publieksfilosofie UvA6
Moral and Personal Autonomy UvA6
Ontology: Philosophical Perspectives UvA6
Philosophy of Mathematics UvA6
Philosophy of Techno Science UvA6
Time UvA6
History, Identity, Agency UvA12
Philosophy, Science and Public Affairs UvA12
Advanced Topics in the Philosophy of Language UvA6
Aesthetics and metaphysics UvA6
Causal Inference: Philosophical Theory and Modern Practice UvA6
Kant, Logic and Cognition UvA6
Structures for Semantics UvA6
Theories of JusticeUvA6
Argument and Compromise RUG5
Consequentialism RUG5
Knowledge in markets RUG5
Schopenhauer RUG5
Social Phenomenology RUG5
Causation, Explanation, Policy Making RUG5
Core Issues: Social Epistemology RUG5
De ethiek van David Hume RUG5
John Locke and his Critics RUG5
Over smaak twisten RUG5
History of Economic Thought EUR7.5
New Developments in Economics EUR7.5
Philosophy of the Social SciencesEUR3.75
Philosophy of WarEUR3.75
The Theory of Practice and Distributive JusticeEUR3.75
Further Inquiry for more information, please contact the listed universities.

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