Courses at other Dutch Universities

It is possible for Research Master (ReMA) students at a Dutch university to follow courses and seminars at ReMA programmes at other Dutch universities. Below you find an overview of available courses from Research Masters in Philosophy for the academic year 2017/2018 (still under construction).

There may be other courses and seminars part of these ReMa programs. However, if they are not mentioned in this overview, they are not open to external students.

More information on how to proceed / some points of attention.

Course Overview

Below an overview of the courses that are open to external ReMa students from other universities. The UvA invites ReMa students from other universities to follow one of the more than 50 regular UvA master courses in philosophy from which Uva ReMa students select their electives. Due to this large amount, they have not been included in the overview below.

Semester 1

Course NameUniECTSBlockTime Slot
Course NameUniECTSBlockTime Slot
ReMa Seminar Philosophy of Mind and LanguageRU101-2Thu. 13.45 – 16.30
ReMa Seminar History of PhilosophyRU101-2Tue. 13.45-16.30
ReMa seminar MetaphysicsRU101-2 Thu. 10.45-13.30
ReMa seminar Social and Political PhilosophicalRU101-2(Block 1) Tue. 08.45-11.30, (Block 2) Mon. 10.45-12.30; 13:45-14:30
Ethics and EconomicsEUR7.51
Justice in Migration. The Ethics, Economics, and Politics of MigrationRUG5aTue. 9.00-12.00
Methodology of EconomicsEUR7.51Wed. 13:00 - 15:45
Modernity as Dominance: Adorno and FoucaultRUG5a?
Philosophy of A.I. (Offered jointly with the MA in Artificial Intelligence)UU7,51Tue. 11.00-12.45
Thu. 13.15-15.00
Philosophy of Argument: Argument and CompromiseRUG5a?
Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan: political theory and the critique of religionRUG5aThu. 9.00-12.00
Topics in the Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle (Plato’s Republic)UU51Wed. 10:00-12:45
Topics in Philosophy of Language and Logic (The Status of Logical Principles)UU51Mon. 13:15-16:00
Topics in Social and Political Philosophy (Libertarianism)UU51Mon. 10:00-12:45
Scientific RepresentationRUG5aMon. 9.00-12.00
History of Political Philosophy: Plato’s RepublicRUG5b?
Philosophy of NeuroscienceRUG5b?
Philosophy of Race and GenderRUG5b?
Topics in Ethical Theory (Transcendental Justification)UU52Tue. 10:00-12:45
Topics in German Idealism (Realism and Idealism)UU52Wed. 10:00-12:45
Topics in Philosophy of Mind (John McDowell’s “Mind & World”)UU52Fri. 10:00-12:45
The Responsibilities and Rights of OrganizationsRUG5b?
Spinoza’s Ethics: A Route to Freedom?RUG5b

Semester 2

Course NameUniECTSBlockTime Slot
Course NameUniECTSBlockTime Slot
ReMa Seminar Philosophy of Mind and LanguageRU103-4 Mon. 10.45–13.30
ReMa Seminar History of Philosophy 2RU103-4Tue. 10.45-13.30
ReMa seminar Philosophical AnthropologyRU103-4 Thu. 10.45-13.30
ReMa seminar Philosophical EthicsRU103-4 Thu. 13.45-16.30
Bruno Latour en de Actor-Netwerk TheorieRUG5a
Evolutionary Game TheoryRUG5a
Heidegger’s Being and TimeRUG5a
History and Philosophy of ObjectivityUU53
Philosophical Perspectives on Privacy and SurveillanceRUG5a
Women Philosophers in the Early Modern Period. Their Contribution to Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Natural Philosophy.RUG5a
20th-Century German Philosophy (Nietzsche on the Self ) UU54
Arguing about taste. The language and metaphysics of beauty.RUG5b
Current Issues in Analytic Phil0sophy (Evolution and Disagreement: Debunking in Ethics and Religion)UU54
Epistemische Logica en Multi-Agent SystemenRUG5b
Kennis en Werkelijkheid in de Klassieke Indische FilosofieRUG5b
Logic of Computation (offered jointly with the MA in Artificial Intelligence)UU54
New Developments in EconomicsEUR7.54
Waarheid en verwijzing in fictieRUG5b

Structure of the Academic Year
Here follows the structure of the academic year of the 5 ReMa-Universities. Starting dates are given for each block or semester.

  • EUR (Erasmus University Rotterdam) has 4 blocks. Block 1: 29 August 2016, Block 2: 14 November 2016, Block 3: 6 February 2017 & Block 4: 24 April
  • RUG (University of Groningen) has 2 semesters, consisting of 2 blocks. Block Ia: 5 September 2016, Block Ib: 14 November 2015, Block IIa: 6 February 2017 & Block IIb: 17 April 2017.
  • RU (Radboud University) has 2 semesters. Semester 1: 29 August 2016 & Semester 2: 27 January 2017.
  • UU (Utrecht University) has 2 semesters, consisting of 2 blocks. Block 1: 5 September 2016, Block 2: 14 November 2016, Block 3: 6 February 2017 & Block 4: 24 April 2017.
  • UVA (University of Amsterdam) has 2 semesters, with three blocks each. Block 1: 5 September 2016, Block 2: 31 November 2016, Block 3: 9 February 2017, Block 4: 6 March 2017, Block 5: 3 April 2017 & Block 6: 5 July 2017.

Further Inquiry
For more information on the courses, please visit the electronic study guide of the relevant university:  EUR, RUG (select 2016/2017), RU, UU, UVA

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