Study group Philosophy in Central and Eastern Europe



  • Natalia Danilkina (
  • Evi Zacharia (

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

Topic & aim

The study group aims to bring together experienced and junior researchers interested in the history of philosophy and the history of ideas in Central and Eastern Europe. The group deals with a wide variety of topics and philosophical trends represented in the region: from Kantian and phenomenological traditions to Marxism and truth theory. The particular interest of the group lies in comparative philosophical studies involving East-West, as well as South-North European perspectives. Speakers from different parts of the world will be invited in order to extend inter-cultural communication and stimulate new research in the field.

The Sub-group on Russian religious thought explores vast cultural contexts, in which it has been rooted. The connections between Russian philosophers in their homeland and in exile, the influences of ancient Greeks and Christian thinkers are going to be discussed.

The Sub-group on Human rights is an inter-disciplinary group working in the intersection of comparative law, philosophy of law, ethics, social and political philosophy.

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
van der Zweerde, EvertRadboud University Nijmegen
van Kessel, JosephienRadboud University Nijmegen
Marin, LaviniaDelft University of Technology

Other people who belong to this group

Jojet Westerhuis (University of Amsterdam), Carla Zoethout (University of Amsterdam), Ewa Nowak (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan / Cornell University), Karolina Cern (Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan), Tomasz Kubalica, Evi Zacharia, Sanne Hupkes


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