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Marc Davidson (

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

Bijeenkomst van de werkgroep milieufilosofie
14 November 2018 @ 15:00 - 17:00
Meeting studygroup Environmental Philosophy
12 September 2017 @ 15:00 - 17:00

Topic & aim

The study group Environmental Philosophy aims to bring together ethicists and philosophers in the Netherlands and Flanders who deal with environmental issues. Research subjects include e.g.:

  • Intergenerational and international justice, and our duties towards the non-human world.
  • Climate change, the loss of biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes, nuclear energy, and genetically-modified organisms.
  • Conceptions of and attitudes towards nature, and fundamental origins of our ecological crisis.
  • Conceptual analysis of sustainability and sustainable development.

Goal is to further the environmental debate, to help develop joint activities and to explore opportunities for international cooperation.

Set-up & practicalities

The study group convenes every 2 months at Utrecht University for a 2-3 hour meeting, generally started by a presentation by one of its members. Activities of the study group include the organization of:

  • A national symposium (once a year) for a broad audience, the ‘Dag van de milieufilosofie’.
  • The ‘Wouter Achterberg award’ (once every two years) for the best master thesis on the subject of environmental philosophy or animal ethics written by a student from the Netherlands or Flanders.
  • PhD-courses in Environmental philosophy and Ethics under the umbrella of the OZSW.

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
Robeyns, IngridUtrecht University
Davidson, MarcRadboud University Nijmegen
de Jong, JohanLeiden University
Spahn, AndreasEindhoven University of Technology
Taebi, BehnamDelft University of Technology
Drenthen, MartinRadboud University Nijmegen
Bovenkerk, BerniceWageningen University
Stone, TaylorDelft University of Technology
Hickey, ColinUtrecht University
Veldman, WouterRadboud University Nijmegen
Smith, PatrickTwente University
Hendlin, YogiErasmus University Rotterdam
Eilenberger, Hans-GeorgTilburg University
Green, FergusUtrecht University
van Balen, SophieErasmus University Rotterdam
Frey, GideonErasmus University Rotterdam
Doeland, Lisa
Bergman, Harriët
Mullins, Benjamin JamesErasmus University Rotterdam

Other people who belong to this group

Silvia Blok (WUR); Clemens Driessen (WUR); Sanne van der Hout (RU); Bram van Liere (Partij voor de Dieren); Stijn Neuteleers (KULeuven); Louke van Wensveen (Oikos); Carolina Sánchez-De Jaegher; Kári Driscoll; Wendela de Raat

Members of the sub-group Animal Ethics

Member</strong< University
Bernice Bovenkerk Wageningen University
Clemens Driessen Wageningen University
Frederike Kaldewaij Universiteit Utrecht
Franck Meijboom Universiteit Utrecht
Floris van den Berg Universiteit Utrecht
Jan Boersema Universiteit Leiden
Bram van Liere Partij voor de Dieren, Provincie Noord-Holland
Harry Wels Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Susan Boonman Berson Wageningen University
Eva Meijer (Chair) Universiteit van Amsterdam
Hanneke Nijland Wageningen University‎
Joachim Nieuwland Universiteit Leiden
Joost Leuven Universiteit van Amsterdam
Willem Vermaat Universiteit Utrecht
Janneke Vink Universiteit Leiden
Eveline Boter Universiteit Utrecht
Erno Eskens ISVW

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