Study group Christian Philosophy

This study group has a dual aim: (1) to create a platform for Ph.D. students, junior scholars, and senior scholars who are interested in and/or working on issues in Christian philosophy (broadly construed) to meet each other and exchange ideas and (2) to discuss various kinds of scholarly work in progress by participants, such as papers, conference presentations, or research proposals and plans.

While the group has its intellectual origins in what is known as ‘reformational philosophy’ (as conceived by the Dutch philosophers Herman Dooyeweerd and Dirk Vollenhoven), its current scope is significantly broader than this tradition. It welcomes participants who are interested in any kind of philosophical reflection from a Christian perspective.

Topics for discussion either focus on philosophical themes in relation to Christianity (e.g., being, truth, knowledge, the good, religion, etc.), or on themes in the sciences, ethics, and professional practices, also in relation to Christianity (e.g., themes relating to normativity, responsibility, care, natural and social sciences, politics, economics, environmental sciences, technology, etc.).

To register for this group, please contact the study group coordinator through the e-mail below.


Govert Buijs (

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

Set-up & practicalities

The study group meets four times throughout the academic year on Friday afternoons between 3pm and 6pm to discuss work in progress by participants. Dates are set depending on participants’ availability. During each meeting, two papers are discussed. Meetings take place at VU University.

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
de Bruin, LeonRadboud University Nijmegen
de Ridder, JeroenVU University Amsterdam
Van Eyghen, HansTilburg University
Glas, GerritVU University Amsterdam
Griffioen, SjoerdUniversity of Groningen
Buijs, GovertVU University Amsterdam
Jedan, ChristophUniversity of Groningen
Overeem, PatrickFree University Amsterdam
Richie, CristinaDelft University of Technology
van der Stoep, JanWageningen University

Other people who belong to this group

Corné Rademaker, Henk Geertsema (VU), Robert van Putten, André van Delft, Christine Boshuijzen-van Burken, Ariën Voogt, Henk den Uijl, Perry Huesmann, Liza Lansang, Emad Thabet, Bert-Jan Heusinkveld, Evi Zacharia, Antonius Steven Un, Dennis Petri, Romel Bagares, Courtney Kane, Teunis Brand, Mariska Bosschaert, Frans Koopmans, Natalia Danilkina, Henk Reitsema, Bert Loonstra, Girma Mohamed, Rob Nijhoff, Lambert Pasterkamp, Sander Luitwieler, Jack Kawira, Paul Schenderling, Pedro Duci, Pieter Haveman, Simon Polinder, Rudi J Hayward, Wouter Bisschop

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