Study group Ethics of Care and Health

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Coordinator: Lily Frank (TUE)

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

Topic & aim

This group is concerned with ethics of Health and Care broadly construed: topics related to bioethics, clinical medical ethics, reserach ethics, ethics of  biomedical technologies and ethics of care all fall within the domain of this group. Both empirical and theoretical approaches are welcomed.

In each meeting, one or two ‘work-in-progress’ papers by group members are discussed. The intention is to learn from each other and to help one another improve our work.

Set-up & practicalities

Only those members who sign up  for the meeting in advance will receive the papers – those who have signed up are expected to attend and to have read the papers. One or two assigned commentators take the lead in the discussion.

If members want to raise a particular topic for discussion, rather than discuss a paper, this is also possible in consultation with the coordinator.

The group will be conducted in Dutch, unless one of the attending members is non-Dutch -speaking. Meetings will take place either in Rotterdam (ErasmusMC) or Utrecht (centrum).

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
van Gerwen, RobUtrecht University
den Hartogh, GovertUniversity of Amsterdam
Musschenga, BertVU University Amsterdam
Meynen, GerbenVU University Amsterdam
Schermer, MaartjeErasmus University Rotterdam
Harnacke, CarolineTilburg University
Bolt, InekeUtrecht University
Verweij, MarcelWageningen University
van Delden, HansUtrecht University
van Wynsberghe, AimeeDelft University of Technology
Glas, GerritVU University Amsterdam
Widdershoven, GuyFree University Amsterdam
Horstkoetter, DorotheeMaastricht University
Frank, LilyEindhoven University of Technology
Archer, AlfredTilburg University
Meyns, ChrisUtrecht University
Schmidt, AndreasUniversity of Groningen
Villalobos Quesada, Maria Jose
Hickey, ColinUtrecht University
de Groot, NinaFree University Amsterdam
Hollestelle, MariekeUtrecht University
de Kanter, Anne-FloorUtrecht University
Lopez Cantero, PilarDelft University of Technology
Rijnders, JeroenUtrecht University
Bomhof, CharlotteErasmus University Rotterdam
Muller, SamUtrecht University
Bollen, CarolineDelft University of Technology
van der Schaar, JetskeUniversity of Amsterdam

Other people who belong to this group

Eva Asscher – Rose Bernabe – Rhodé Bijlsma – Lisa van Bodegom – Annelien Bredenoord – Menno de Bree – Eline Bunnik – Linda Dauwerse – Enne Feenstra – Noor Giesbertz – Rieke van der Graaf – Laura Hartman – Marieke ten Have – Medard Hilhorst – Mariette van den Hoven – Jan Jans – Karin Jongsma – Shona Kalkman – Marijke Kars – Jos Kole – Suzanne de Kort – Pauline Kouwenhoven – Andre Krom – Elleke Landeweer – Heleen van Luijn – Els Maeckelberghe – Bert Molewijk – Niels Nijsingh – Catarina Rodrigues –Andrea Ruissen – Melisa Soto-La Fontaine – Ghislaine van Thiel – Guus Timmerman – Dorothea Touwen – Suzanne van de Vathorst – Martine de Vries – Anna Westra – Boukje van der Zee – Frans Vosman – Farhan Idris – Steven Dorrestijn – Karl Gerritse – Natasha Labohm – Pei-hua Huang


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