OZSW Annual Conference

The founding partners of the OZSW take turns in organizing the annual OZSW Conference. Both Dutch and foreign researchers in philosophy are invited to present their work. The conference is also open to PhD students. Below an overview of past OZSW conferences, including the keynote speakers.

Overview of conferences

9-10 November 2018

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  • Ethics and Practical Philosophy: Maeve Cooke, MRIA, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin.
  • Theoretical Philosophy: Michael P. Lynch, University of Connecticut.
  • History of Philosophy: Russell Friedman, KU Leuven.

10-11 November 2017

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  • Christof Rapp, LMU Munich (“Reasonableness in Persuasion: The Impulse of Aristotelian Dialectic“)
  • Henry S. Richardson, Georgetown University (“The Non-ideal Speech Situation: Democratic Reasoning in Partisan Times“)
  • Åsa Wikforss, Stockholm University (“Resisting the Facts“)

9-10 December 2016

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  • Samir Okasha, University of Bristol
  • Alison Simmons, Harvard University
  • James Lenman, University of Sheffield

11-12 December 2015

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  • Johan van Benthem, University of Amsterdam (“Logic and Philosophy: Charting the Plot Twists in an Old Relationship“)
  • Sarah Broadie, University of St Andrews  (“Theory versus Practice in Plato and Aristotle“)
  • John Broome, University of Oxford (“Reasons versus Ought“)
  • Katherine Hawley, University of St Andrews (“Social Mereology“)

7-8 November 2014

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  • Marya Schechtman, University of Illinois at Chicago (“Living like we do: The metaphysics and practicalities of personhood and personal identity”)
  • Catherine Wilson, University of York (“Managing expectations: The ‘limits’ theme in Locke”)
  • Howard Caygill , Kingston University London (“A political theology of resistance”)

15-16 November 2013

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  • John Cottingham, University of Reading (“Reason and religion“)
  • Sally Haslanger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“Philosophical analysis and social meaning“)
  • Jenny Slatman, Maastricht University (“Philosophy in residence: Attending to the empirical without losing conceptual rigor and reflective force“)