Mission and tasks


The general purpose of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (Dutch acronym: OZSW) is to strengthen the discipline of philosophy. It does so by facilitating and stimulating research collaboration of 11 participating universities in the Netherlands, and by offering training for young researchers (PhD students and Research Master students).


The tasks of the OZSW are:

  1. Provision of inter-university courses for PhD students and Research Master students in philosophy in the Netherlands
  2. Coordination of local and national offer of academic courses in philosophy, and distribution of information through a website, and/or a newsletter, and/or an interuniversity course catalogue
  3. Facilitating and promoting the mobility of Research Master students and PhD students in philosophy in the Netherlands – through e.g. summer schools, winter schools, graduate conferences, research trainings, and master classes with prominent researchers, etc.
  4. Promoting and supporting national and international collaboration of Dutch researchers within the discipline of philosophy (e.g. by study groups, workshops and conferences), with the aim of creating focuss and mass
  5. To facilitate and promote interdisciplinary collaboration, when fruitful
  6. To function as one of the contact points in the Netherlands of the academic discipline of philosophy


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