The general purpose of the Dutch Research School of Philosophy (Dutch acronym: OZSW) is to strengthen the discipline of academic philosophy. It does so by:

  1. Maintaining the national network for research and research-related education within philosophy;
  2. The provision of inter-university education for the benefit of the PhD programs and Research Master programs in coordination with the graduate schools and / or the research institutes of the participating institutions;
  3. Promoting and supporting national and international cooperation in the research, with the aim of creating focus and mass and profiling the discipline;
  4. Promoting the quality and social relevance of research according to the Quality indicators for philosophy set by the Graduate School,
  5. Making the societal relevance of the research visible and acting as national contact point and representative of academic philosophy in the Netherlands, including by acting as a platform for social partners.

Please note that the OZSW has a very specific mission, and is not a general association of philosophers in the Netherlands. There are other forums and organizations for these purposes.

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