Information for Organizers of OZSW Educational Activities

One of the main goals of the OZSW is to offer education and training for research master and PhD candidates. The founding partners have each committed themselves to contributing facilities and lecturers to OZSW educational activities.

Do you have a great course idea to add to the current educational program?
Please contact the chairman of your section for the possibilities.

On this page you can find more detailed information on how to organize an educational activity with support from the OZSW office.

Short overview of division of tasks between local organizer and the OZSW office (more details are in the information package below):

  1. The local organizer is responsible for:
    • Sending the application form and the budget for the activity to the Section head and the OZSW coordinator before the deadline (see below for the specific dates per year).
    • The contents and program of the activity, including compiling course materials such as readers, literature lists and bibliographies.
    • Inviting guest lecturers and booking accommodation and travel
    • Providing complete and detailed course information to the OZSW office in order to complete the tasks below.
    • Booking rooms and catering for the activity
    • Informing applicants about acceptance/rejection to the activity
    • Providing participants with details on preparation and participation
    • Informing the OZSW office which participants earned an ECS certificate
  2. The OZSW office is responsible for
    • Creating a webpage for the activity
    • Creating an online registration form, and handling participant fees
    • Announcing the activity on mailing lists (OZSW and external lists) and social media
    • Facilitating an evaluation of the activity
    • Handing out ECS certificates

An OZSW course should be both a separate course and not be offered in another curriculum at the same time. However, it is possible to create an OZSW course that is based on a curriculum from previous years.

Deadlines application for OZSW courses
Educational programs for research schools have to be available 2 years in advance. Also, the OZSW needs to budget the expenses of OZSW courses, and needs to know the expected income and expenses of the course a year in advance.

All the essential information of a course should be sent to the OZSW before March 1 before the coming academic year. See the application form which information is essential.

The complete information package How to organize and educational activity for the OZSW can be found in the following documents:

If you have any further questions, please contact the OZSW office.

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