Information for Coordinators/Organizers of OZSW Educational Activities

One of the main goals of the OZSW is to offer education and training for research master and PhD students. In order to enable the OZSW to do so, the founding partners have each committed themselves to contributing facilities and lecturers to OZSW educational activities.

If you are reading this information, this is probably because you have been asked to organize/coordinate an educational activity – please know that we appreciate your contribution!

This page is meant to provide first-time organizers/coordinators of OZSW educational activities information on the division of labor between the local organizer/coordinator and the OZSW office. It is also important to take note of the financial constraints that result from the OZSW budget. The main points to be aware of are the following:

  1. The organizer/coordinator is responsible for
    • The contents of the activity (click here for the course criteria and here for the  Masterclass criteria) and inviting guest lecturers (please note that generally there is no budget for guest lecturers from abroad)
    • Providing complete and detailed course information to the OZSW office
    • Booking rooms and a lunch at his/her own university
    • Informing applicants about acceptance/rejection to the course, and providing them with any further details that they need to prepare and participate
    • Declaring the costs to the OZSW office, you will find information about that here (for study groups) and here (for other organisers).
  2. The OZSW office is responsible for
    • Creating a webpage for the course, graduate conference (etc.)
    • Creating an on-line registration form, and handling participant fees
    • Announcing the activity on relevant OZSW and external mailing lists
    • Facilitating and organizing an evaluation of the course – if desirable
    • Handing out certificates of participation to those students who have met the course requirements

There is also a document that provides detailed information on these points, as well as on other points of possible concern. It is a long list of points, for which we apologize, but please know that we merely aim to prevent some of the misunderstandings which have occurred in the past. Hopefully the lay-out will help you to quickly identify the information that you need.

On behalf of the OZSW Management Team I would like to sincerely thank you in advance for your contribution to the OZSW. Please don’t hesitate to contact the OZSW Office if you have any further questions.

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