Sabine Roeser wins ‘Best Supervisor Award’ of PhD Council

Sabine Roeser has won the ‘Best Supervisor Award 2013‘, an initiative of the OZSW PhD council. At the OZSW member meeting during the OZSW conference on Saturday November 15th she received the award from two representatives from the PhD council. The PhD council also acknowledged the excellent supervision qualities of the three other nominees, namely Joel Anders, Bert van den Brink and Maureen Sie.

The PhD students who had nominated their supervisors all acknowledge that their supervisors manage one extremely difficult task: keeping the balance between, on the one hand, letting their students develop their own ideas, and on the other hand offering guidance and structure. They give their students the freedom to develop own ideas, even if they are wild and ambitious. They show faith in their capabilities. Yet as supervisors, they are also accessible and provide constructive feedback and guidance when needed

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