Best Supervisor Award

Each year the OZSW PhD Council hands out an award for ‘best supervisor’. The PhD council finds it important to point out what good supervising consists of and wants to honour someone who sets a positive example. Phd students can nominate their supervisor for this award, and the PhD council will select the winner on the basis of their arguments. The price consists of a trophy with the name of the winner on it and, of course, eternal fame. The award is handed out at the annual OZSW conference, taking place in November or December.

How to nominate your supervisor

If you are a PhD student member of the OZSW and you have an amazing supervisor, please nominate him or her for this award by sending the PhD Council an email at This email should contain the name and affiliation of your supervisor and a short account of why you believe your supervisor is the best Ph.D. supervisor in philosophy in the Netherlands.

If you need inspiration for deciding whom to nominate, you may want to use the following list:

An excellent supervisor…

  1. … stimulates you to develop your own ideas
  2. … yet at the same time guides you and your project carefully
  3. … is critical when necessary, but in a fair and constructive manner, focused on  improvement (not intimidation)
  4. … listens to you patiently, whether it is about your ideas or about your problems
  5. … is well-prepared and well-organized
  6. … is visible, approachable, and in touch with you on a regular basis
  7. … helps you navigate through academia in a broad sense (in conferences, in publishing, teaching, with your cv, applying for grants, in time-management etc)
  8. … is a good philosopher, whose remarks betray solid philosophical knowledge

Nominees and winners

The winner of the 2013 award is Sabine Roeser (Delft University of Technology). An interview with her can be found here. No less than four people had been nominated for the Best Supervisor Award 2013:

  • Joel Anderson (Utrecht University)
  • Bert van den Brink (Utrecht University)
  • Sabine Roeser (Delft University of Technology)
  • Maureen Sie (Leiden University / Erasmus University Rotterdam)

The winner of the 2015 award is Maarten Franssen (Delft University of Technology).
Joel Anderson (Utrecht University) received an honorable mention.

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