Management Team of the OZSW (“Voorzittersoverleg”)

The management team (“voorzittersoverleg”) is in charge of implementing OZSW policies and activities constist of the scientific director of the OZSW, the 3 chairs of the committees steering the 3 OZSW sections, and the chair of the board of the OZSW.


Anthonie Meijers

Prof. dr. ir. Anthonie Meijers

Eindhoven University of Technology
Chair of the Board of the OZSW

Han van Ruler

Prof. dr. Han van Ruler

Erasmus University Rotterdam
Scientific director OZSW / Chair OZSW section committee History of Philosophy

Dr. Maureen Sie

Tilburg University
Chair OZSW section committee Ethics & Practical Philosophy

Prof. dr. ir. Mieke Boon

University of Twente
Chair OZSW section committee Theoretical Philosophy

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