Hermeneutics as a Form of Epistemology (Summer Seminar)

Summer Seminar

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
August 26-28 2019
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In many disciplines text interpretation is a going concern. But strangely enough, epistemologists hardly pay attention to the phenomenon of interpretation, and those who engage in interpretative practices often do so without awareness of epistemological problems. The aim of this seminar is to view hermeneutical practices from an epistemological perspective. It concentrates on interpretation of texts, and addresses the following questions: “What is it to ‘interpret’ a text?”, “When is an interpretation of a text ‘justified’?”, “What kinds of evidence are relevant when it comes to text interpretation?”, “What role should authorial intentions play in interpretative processes?”, “Can there be multiple correct interpretations of texts?”Speakers in the seminar have backgrounds in legal studies, literary studies, theology, and philosophy.

Keynote speakers
Professor Richard Gaskin University of Liverpool
Professor Tom Kindt University of Freiburg
Professor Luis Oliveira University of Houston
Professor Darren Sarisky University of Oxford
Professor René van Woudenberg Free University Amsterdam
Professor Jean Wagemans University of Amsterdam
Professor Arie Zwiep Free University Amsterdam

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