Follow a philosophy ReMa course at another Dutch university

It is possible for Research Master (ReMA) students at a Dutch university to follow courses and seminars at ReMA programmes at other Dutch universities, often without extra costs. Three points of attention:

  • If you wish to register for a course/seminar at another university, you need a secondary enrollment at that university. More information
  • Note that students should check with the Examinations Committee of their programme for final confirmation that these courses can be counted towards graduation. More information
  • For some students (e.g. non EU students) an additional fee may be charged for following courses at other Dutch universities.

Overview Research Master programs

The following Dutch universities offer a Research Master in Philosophy:

Please consult the page Courses & seminars for ReMA students for an overview of which courses and seminars at these universities are open to students from another university.

Academic calendar per university

  • The RU academic year consists of 2 semesters. The 1st semester runs from the first Monday of September until the last Friday of January; the 2nd semester starts the following Monday and ends on the second Friday of July.
  • The EUR academic year is divided into two semesters of about 16 weeks.
  • The UvA academic year is divided into 2 semesters, each lasting 21 weeks. The academic year is scheduled as follows: 1st semester: September-January; 2nd semester: February-June.
  • The academic year of UU comprises 2 semesters, each of 2 periods.
  • The RUG academic year comprises 4 blocks of 10 weeks, grouped in 2 semesters.

Registration Form for a Course at another University

The OZSW facilitates exchange between philosophy Research Master courses in the Netherlands. The form below is primarily meant for ReMa students who would like to follow a course at another university, but are awaiting proof of registration from their home (primary) university. Please indicate which course you want to follow and you will receive a course program, time, location and required course preparations from the course coordinator. It is your own responsibility to formally register (through a ‘neveninschrijving’ or secondary enrollment) at your visiting university once you have received proof of acceptance at your home university.

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*(please copy and paste the complete course name and number) .

I agree with the privacy-statement as described here:

Thank you for your registration! Please note that the registration through the OZSW website does not formally enroll you in the course. Once you have received your studentcard from your home university, you should immediately register at your visiting university. This is called secondary enrollment (In Dutch: "neveninschrijving").

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