Career perspectives for Philosophy PhD students and Postdocs

On October 1, the Leiden Institute for Philosophy in collaboration with the
PhD Council of the OZSW organizes a gathering dedicated to the topic of
employment opportunities for philosophy PhDs and Postdocs in the

A  PhD in philosophy is not an automatic guarantee for a job in academia.
Many philosophy PhDs and even Postdocs (have to) find a career outside of
the university. This raises all kinds of questions. How many leave
academia? Are they successful in their careers? What can PhDs do during
their studies to prepare for a career outside of academia? What useful
skills does a doctorate in philosophy bring? What should supervisors do to
prepare their PhD students? These and other questions will be discussed in
this workshop. In addition, there will be practical sessions dedicated to
what both PhDs and supervisors can do in practical terms to prepare
students for a career outside of the profession.

When? 12.30-17.00 October 1 2015
Where? Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University
Reuvensplaats 4, room 1.01

More info can be found here.

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