4 Nominations ‘Best Supervisor Award 2013’ of PhD Council

At the OZSW conference 2013, the PhD council will hand out its first annual award for the best supervisor. The PhD council finds it important to point out what good supervising consists of. Some OZSW PhD students have supervisors who really stand out: “Not only do they provide inspiration and motivation whenever needed. They also offer guidance and support, while staying open to let us explore our ideas and go our own way.” The PhD Council wants to honor someone who sets such a positive example. All PhD students of the OZSW have been invited to nominate their supervisor. Based on their motivation, the PhD council selects the winner. This year four supervisors have been nominated:

  • dr. Joel Anderson (Utrecht University)
  • prof. dr. Bert van den Brink (Utrecht University)
  • prof. dr. Sabine Roeser (Delft University of Technology)
  • prof. dr. Maureen Sie (Leiden University / Erasmus University Rotterdam)

At the OZSW members meeting during the OZSW conference (Friday 15th, 7pm) it will be announced who has earned the honorable title of “The best supervisor of 2013”. The OZSW congratulates all four nominees with their nomination.

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