OZSW Member Directory Now Online

An OZSW member directory has become available online at https://www.ozsw.nl/membership-directory. This member directory is sortable by university and membership type, but you can also filter it for areas of interest/expertise, for membership of an OZSW study group, of for membership of an OZSW section (or a combination thereof).

Furthermore, for each member you can click to get access to on an individual member profile page. As most members already have an extensive personal page elsewhere, we have chosen to keep the member profiles rather limited. It features:

  • photo
  • university / faculty / department
  • e-mail address
  • link to a personal webpage
  • OZSW membership type
  • OZSW section(s)
  • OZSW study group(s)
  • areas of interest/expertise

Members who are missing information or would like to correct some information can do the following:

We trust that this member directory will be a useful resources for both OZSW members as well as external people.

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