2021 Conference – Registrations & fees


Registration is closed.

Registration fees

Registration for the conference opens 30 September 2021. Early bird fees are valid until 15 October 2021. The registration closes on November 15th. The fees for the conference will be as follows:

Early bird fee Latecomer fee
OZSW* members senior € 150 € 200
OZSW*-PhD students € 100 € 150
Non-OZSW-members senior € 210 € 280
Non-OZSW-PhD students € 130 € 180
(ReMa) Students € 50 € 50

*To find out if you are eligible for OZSW membership, go to https://www.ozsw.nl/membership/.

OZSW membership

Please notice that we will check the conference registration list against the membership list. If you register as an OZSW member while you are not a member, your registration for the conference will be invalid. So if you are working with a Dutch philosophy department and are not yet a member, please register for OZSW membership first (www.ozsw.nl/membership) before registering for the conference!

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