The benefits of OZSW membership are:

  • All members can participate in several OZSW activities, such as OZSW study groups and the annual conference. All members get a discount on the registration fee for the annual conference;
  • In addition, a range of educational activities (courses, seminars, schools) are organized for PhD student and ReMa student members. For ReMa and PhD student members educational activities are free, or offered against a (heavily) discounted free;
  • Members can start a new OZSW study group;
  • Members will be included in the OZSW member directory, and can make changes to their profile;
  • Members can easily add an event to the OZSW event calendar;
  • Members will be kept up to date about relevant news and activities through the OZSW mailing lists.

One reason for somebody to become a regular member may be that this makes her/his PhD students (i.e. those students for which (s)he acts as promotor, co-promotor, or dagelijkse begeleider) also eligible for membership.

The OZSW has five different membership types:

  • Regular members
  • Associate members
  • PhD student members
  • ReMA student members
  • International members.

More information about becoming a member of the OZSW:

Please note that the OZSW has a very specific mission, and is not a general association of philosophers in the Netherlands. There are other forums and organizations for these purposes.

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