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(Workhop) Who cares? Self-management in psychiatry and psychosomatic illness

Presently, there is an increasing call for self-management strategies in healthcare. Self-management involves regarding patients as ‘expert-clients’, actively involved in the management of their own care. This approach is argued to have great advantages: it holds the prospect of more efficient and (cost)effective healthcare, and converges with theoretical developments underlining the importance of patients’ self-experience. … Continue reading (Workhop) Who cares? Self-management in psychiatry and psychosomatic illness

CPP-Colloquium Leiden, Joel Anderson

The Center for Political Philosophy in Leiden is pleased to announce a talk by Joel Anderson (Utrecht) “The Democratization of Autonomy” Date: Thursday, 10 March 2016 Time: 15:15-17:00, followed by drinks Venue: Lecture hall 2, Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1 2311 BD Leiden (see: https://www.universiteitleiden.nl/locaties/lipsius) Abstract: A wide range of recent social developments have heightened the demands … Continue reading CPP-Colloquium Leiden, Joel Anderson

Spinoza and Relational Autonomy

Spinoza’s philosophy has been both celebrated and reviled for its strict commitment to a kind of naturalism, according to which all aspects of human beings are to be understood in fundamentally the same way that we understand any other natural phenomena. Spinoza takes this to imply, most controversially, that our volitions are determined by prior … Continue reading Spinoza and Relational Autonomy

International Architecture Philosophy Conference

Autonomy Reconsidered: Ethics in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape // Call for Papers 9-11 Juli 2014 // Delft, Netherlands Contemporary philosophy and architecture discourse alike marginalize the ethical dimension of architecture.  Yet, it seems that the ethical dimension in both architecture and philosophy has been compromised because both disciplines have not established a clear interdisciplinary understanding of … Continue reading International Architecture Philosophy Conference