Study group Analytical Philosophy

The group aims at bringing together PhD students and post-doc researchers working in analytical philosophy (senior researchers are, however, also welcome).



Chairman: Herman Philipse, convener: Daan Dronkers (

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

Topic & aim

The aim of this seminar is twofold. First, to bring together Ph.D. students and post-doc researchers in analytic philosophy in order to let them take advantage of each other’s expertise concerning recent developments in metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of religion, and ethics, and second, to create and maintain academic relationships with leading analytic philosophers all over the world. In order to reach this goal, foreign scholars will be invited incidentally for lectures and small colloquia will be organized.

This OZSW study group originally started as the Dutch Research Seminar for Analytic Philosophy, which was first organized in October 2003.

Set-up & practicalities

1. Structure
Each meeting an excellent article or chapter, published during the last two years, a groundbreaking article, published during the last five years or so, or a paper / dissertation chapter of one of the participants is discussed. At the beginning of each meeting the author or presenter gives a short introduction to the paper in question by providing

(a) a brief abstract of the article,
(b) some critical remarks on the paper, and
(c) three crucial questions for discussion, possibly accompanied by controversial theses.

This short introduction is followed by a brief evaluation of the text by all participants (both as regards its contents and its presentation) and an in-depth-discussion page by page. The participants in the seminar are expected to attend most, preferably all of the meetings, and to prepare the paper discussions thoroughly.

2. Times and locations
Those participating in the seminar meet the second Wednesday of each month, except for July and August.

3. For presenters
Those presenting a paper are expected to send the text at least ten days in advance to Annelli Janssen, the coordinator of the seminar, so that the paper can be distributed in time.

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
Wieland, Jan WillemVU University Amsterdam
Hindriks, FrankUniversity of Groningen
Gijsbers, VictorLeiden University
Rumberg, AntjeUtrecht University
Mulder, JesseUtrecht University
Roeser, SabineDelft University of Technology
Strijbos, DerekRadboud University Nijmegen
de Bruin, LeonRadboud University Nijmegen
Muller, F.A.Erasmus University Rotterdam
Fossen, ThomasLeiden University
Peels, RikVU University Amsterdam
van Miltenburg, NielsUtrecht University
De Mey, TimErasmus University Rotterdam
Schaubroeck, KatrienUniversiteit Antwerpen
Streumer, BartUniversity of Groningen
van Caspel, FrankRadboud University Nijmegen
Dutilh Novaes, CatarinaVU University Amsterdam
Wintein, StefanErasmus University Rotterdam
Sauer, HannoUtrecht University
Brouwer, HuubTilburg University
Betti, AriannaUniversity of Amsterdam
Horstkötter, DorotheeMaastricht University
Klenk, MichaelDelft University of Technology
Rutten, EmanuelVU University Amsterdam
Frank, LilyEindhoven University of Technology
Evers, DaanUniversity of Groningen
Kalf, WouterLeiden University
Clarke, ChristopherErasmus University Rotterdam
Schmidt, AndreasUniversity of Groningen
De Haro, SebastianUniversity of Amsterdam
van der Gaast, BrandtUtrecht University
Hermann, JuliaTwente University
Klaassen, TimTilburg University
Hajjar, CrystelUniversity of Groningen
Costella, AnnalisaErasmus University Rotterdam
Kudlek, KarolinaUtrecht University
Krzyżanowska, KarolinaUniversity of Amsterdam
Lopez Cantero, PilarTilburg University
Rector, TullyUtrecht University
Rijnders, JeroenVU University Amsterdam
van Gemert, TiesTilburg University
Van Eijkern, SanderLeiden University
Smid, JeroenUniversity of Amsterdam
Parkinson, JohnMaastricht University
Rainey, StephenDelft University of Technology

Other people who belong to this group

Dora Achourioti – Liz Black – Martijn Boot – Anthony Booth – Jeroen Bouterse – Niek Brunsveld – Lieven DeCock – Gisela Carrasco-Miró – Jim Driesen – Dingmar van Eck – Harmen Ghijsen – Sharon Hagenbeek – Tjeerd van Hoorn – Bart Karstens – Sebastian Lutz – Carlo Martini – Rosja Mastop – Thomas Mueller – Stephan Riley – Stefan Roski – Markus Schlosser – Marieke Schouwstra – Dorrette van der Tholen – Jesper Tijmstra – Paolo Turrini – Rob van Someren – Bjorn Wansink – Deva Waal – Max Bialek – Lucas Battich

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