Mind in Action

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  • Naomi Kloosterboer (n.j.g.kloosterboer@uu.nl)
  • Niels van Miltenburg (niels.vanmiltenburg@uu.nl)

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

OZSW study group Mind in Action session
26 September 2019 @ 14:15 - 16:30
OZSW study group Mind in Action session
12 September 2019 @ 14:15 - 16:30
OZSW Meeting #1 Mind in Action
27 June 2017 @ 10:00 - 12:00

Topic & aim

In this group, the focus is on the capacities, powers and frailties of the human mind as manifested in practical and theoretical reasoning (i.e., paradigmatically, intentional agency and knowledge or belief). We envisage to discuss questions such as the following: What are the similarities and distinctions between making up your mind about what to do and what to believe? How do these capacities relate to the justification we have for the authority to speak our minds? And how, and to what extent, is the ability to know our mind – i.e., our practical and theoretical self-knowledge – related to the explanation of intentional action and thought, respectively?

Set-up & practicalities

The study group has three aims: (i) bimonthly discussion of a recently published paper, (ii) bimonthly discussion of a paper by (a) member(s) of the group, and (iii) a yearly international workshop.

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
Kalis, AnnemarieUtrecht University
Gijsbers, VictorLeiden University
Mulder, JesseUtrecht University
Jongepier, FleurRadboud University Nijmegen
van Miltenburg, NielsUtrecht University
Schaubroeck, KatrienUniversity of Antwerp
van Caspel, FrankOpen Universiteit Nederland
Kloosterboer, NaomiFree University Amsterdam
Wehrle, MarenErasmus University Rotterdam
white, jeffTwente University
Rijnders, JeroenUtrecht University

Other people who belong to this group

Merlin Majoor

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