OZSW membership types & fees

The diagram below helps you to figure out if you can become an OZSW member, and if so – which membership type applies to your situation. Below the diagram you can find a further explanation of the different membership types.

Senior members

Senior members are scholars with a PhD degree, who are actively pursuing academic research in philosophy. This entails that those members publish their philosophical research in relevant academic journals and with academic presses. There are 3 sub-categories:

1. Regular members
Regular members are affiliated to a Dutch university or knowledge institute. Their PhD students can become a free member of the OZSW – and as a consequence can participate in OZSW educational activities for free, or for some activities against a reduced fee.

Regular members affiliated to a department/faculty of philosophy of one of the 11 founding universities do not pay membership fees, since their departments / faculties annually pay a lump-sum contribution covering all its members.

A membership fee applies to the following groups:

  • Those affiliated to one of the 11 participating universities, but with another department/faculty than those found through the link above – such as an ‘universitair medisch centrum’ or a department of law or political sciences.
  • Those affiliated to at another university than the 11 participating universities, such as Wageningen University, Open Universiteit Nederland or Maastricht University.

Regular members belonging to those two groups pay one of the following fees:

  • 450/year if the OZSW is their only research school
  • 225/year if they are also a member of another Dutch research school

2. Associate members
Associate members are affiliated to a Dutch university, but not with one of the departments/faculties of philosophy of one of the 11 founding universities. They enjoy the same rights as regular members, except that their PhD students are not entitled to become members of the OZSW. Note that the fee for an OZSW course is generally 250 for non-OZSW members, whereas courses are free for OZSW members. So if you have one or two PhD students each year that follow a course, you would already earn back the regular membership fee.

Membership fee:
Associate members pay €50/year

3. International members
International members are affiliated to a non-Dutch university and wish to have a professional affiliation with the Dutch academic philosophical community. They enjoy the same rights as regular members, except that their PhD students are not entitled to become members of the OZSW. Philosophers affiliated to a foreign university can also apply to become a regular member upon submitting a motivated request to the director of the OZSW.

Membership fee:
International members pay an annual membership fee of €50/year.

PhD student members

PhD student members are PhD-students who are writing a PhD dissertation in philosophy, or a dissertation that entails a strong philosophical component. PhD-students are only eligible for membership if one of their supervisors (promotor, co-promotor, dagelijkse begeleider) is a regular member of the OZSW. This means that PhD students from non-Dutch universities will in general not be able to become OZSW member, as their supervisor will as a rule be an international member, not a regular member.

Membership fee:
PhD-students don’t pay a membership fee. PhD students are requested to inform the OZSW secretariat when they earn the PhD degree.

ReMa student members

ReMa student members are Research Master students in philosophy who are enrolled at a Dutch University. ReMa student members will be added as member by the OZSW Office after notification has been received of the Research Master Coordinator about enrollment in a ReMa program.  In case you have not received any notification about this within a few months after the start of your program, please send an email to secretariaat [at] ozsw.nl.

Membership fee:
ReMa student members do not pay a membership fee.


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