Diversity Statement

The OZSW strives for diversity and inclusion in the academic field of philosophy, with respect to, but not limited to, gender, religion, ethnicity, race, physical and mental disability and sexual orientation. It does so by encouraging diversity and inclusion when conducting its activities, both external and internal and by fostering a safe environment for all its members and guests. Due to the kind of organisation the OZSW is, its means to do so are limited, but it requires the following of all people who organise a course or event under the heading of the OZSW:

  • To practice inclusive education, this may include, for example, adopting anonymous grading when possible.
  • To aim for diversity in their course readings, other material and speakers/lecturers.
  • To aim for broad accessibility and arrangements of their courses and events.

When PhD or Research Master courses are organised, the chambers can always be consulted on how to improve the course with respect to inclusivity, diversity and accessibility; as a general policy when discussing the OZSW teaching program, the chambers will always check on how the intended courses do on the aspects just outlined. For the other events the OZSW is organising a similar check will be done by the board of the OZSW.

Because the development of tools and policies on diversity is an on-going process, and because the topic is a difficult and complex one, we would like to refer course organisers and teachers to the resources page of http://www.mapforthegap.com/resources.html, where you can find a lot of Best Practices Guides, projects, programs, data etc.

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