Women Philosophers From Antiquity Until the 21th Century

Invitation / Call for applications

The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW)  invites PhD and ReMa students in philosophy to register for the course “Women Philosophers From Antiquity Until the 21h Century” , to take place in Autumn 2015.  

Dates of course               5 Fridays from Sept. 18 until Oct. 16 2015
Location                      Hoofdgebouw Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, zaal: 2E-33
Application deadline:  September 10th, 2015

About the course

The course consists of five days in which the students are chronologically introduced into the thought of female philosophers, from Antiquity, the Middle-Ages, Renaissance and Early Modernity, 19th century, 20th century to the most recent developments. All periods will be introduced with special attention to the social/cultural position of women thinkers in that era. In addition, a few female philosophers will be singled out for further introduction and text-reading.

The course will be taught by specialists in the time-period under scrutiny, among others dr. Marije Martijn (antiquity), prof. dr. Anneke Mulder-Bakker and dr. Veerle Fraeters (Middle-Ages), dr. Veronica Vasterling (19th and 20th century), dr. Annemie Halsema (20th century), Nathanja van den Heuvel, Ma. and dr. Iris van der Tuin (recent trends in philosophy of science), Azille Coetzee, Ma. (African feminism).

Programme (provisional)

September 11/12, 2015

Intro: Diversifying Philosophy. Recent Perspectives in Feminist Thought

Symposium on feminist philosophy with international speakers (VU-Amsterdam). Note that the symposium is not part of the teaching program, but attending it is highly recommended.

– Sept. 18, 2015 – Antiquity and the Middle-Ages: Hypatia van Alexandrië, Hadewijch

– Sept. 25 sept, 2015  – Renaissance and Early Modernity

– Oct. 2, 2015 – 19th and 20th century: Elizabeth Anscombe, Luce Irigaray, Judith Butler

– Oct. 9, 2015 – 20th-21th century: 

* Philosophy of science: Donna Haraway, Karen Barad

* Feminism in world perspective: bell hooks, Gloria    Anzaldúa

– Oct. 16, 2015 – The limits of the canon: Non-western perspectives: African feminism and Islamic feminism

Course objectives

The course aims at highlighting the limits of the canon, in that it pays attention to female philosophers, but also to non-western thinking, and to different styles of practicing philosophy.

Course coordinator

Dr. Annemie Halsema (VU) (j.m.halsema@vu.nl).

Preparation / assessments:

Assessment: – Write a publishable Wiki about a female philosopher

Also, students are expected to prepare texts in advance, and to take part actively in the discussion. The reading material will be made available in due time to the participants of the course.


The course is free for:

  • PhD students who are a member of the OZSW;
  • ReMa students who are a member of the OZSW

Participants who do not belong to one of these groups pay a course fee of 250 euro.

Registration/Application form

Register online for the event.

Organization information

This course is organized by dr. Annemie Halsema (VU) (j.m.halsema@vu.nl) and Nathanja van den Heuvel, MA (University Leiden) (n.a.e.van.den.heuvel@phil.leidenuniv.nl) on behalf of SWIP.NL. For practical inquiries, please contact secretariaat@ozsw.nl.