PhD Council Writer’s Retreat

All PhD members of the OZSW are invited to participate in the Writers’ Retreat, organized by the PhD council, to take place September 28th, 2018.


28-30 September 2018


ISVW, Leusden

Primary target group

PhD students in philosophy who are also a member of OZSW

Application/registration deadline

September 1st, 2018

About the topic

Write, just write! If you are a PhD student, you probably have heard these words at some point from your well-intending supervisor. After all, a dissertation not only has to be backed up by research and to be well thought out, but it also has to be written. And as most of us probably have experienced, writing can be very rewarding, but also lonely and difficult. If you need to banish distraction and you benefit from a structured work-day with bounded periods of intense writing, a writing retreat could be just what you need!

The OZSW PhD council is organizing a writing retreat so that you can focus on chasing your PhD goals. Finally, you’ll have time to start that paper, finish your chapter or revise that report that you’ve been meaning to send out. In three days, we’ll aim to achieve your writing goals by offering the possibility to work away from your usual workstation and distractions, schedule intense periods of writing, and reviewing of your work by peers.


The participation fee is € 50,-. This includes accommodation for two nights at the ISVW Hotel, 3x lunch, 2x dinner, 2x breakfast, as well as the use of a shared study room.

How to apply / register

Please register before 1 September 2018 through (see below). First come, first serve. If there is no place left any more, you will be put on a waiting list, and we will contact you the moment a place will becomes available.

Upon registration, you will be required to pay the registration fee immediately. If you cannot attend the writer’s retreat after all, please let us know as soon as possible, such that another PhD student will be able to attend. If you cancel your registration before 20 September 2018, we will return your money. If you cancel after that time, we will not be able to return your money.

Registration/application form

Please register using this form.


The writers’ retreat is organized by the OZSW PhD Council.

Contact info

If you have any questions pertaining to the writers’ retreat, please contact Marthe Smedinga ( For practical inquires, contact the OZSW secretariat (