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Meeting OZSW reading group History of Phenomenology

The OZSW close-reading group on the history of phenomenology (sub-group of the study group “Philosophy Around 1900”) will continue this year with Edmund Husserl’s article “Philosophy as Rigorous Science” and then with selections from his “Ideas I” (focusing on the phenomenological reduction and the noema). In this first session I will provide a brief introduction, … Continue reading Meeting OZSW reading group History of Phenomenology

EIPE Seminar: Claire El Mouden

Claire el Mouden (Oxford) – Do Pro-Social Preferences really explain our Behaviour in Economic Games? Comment: Matthijs van Veelen (UVA) Room: H5-05

EIPE Seminar: Rutger Claassen

Rutger Claassen (Utrecht) – The capability to hold property and its limits Comment: Ingrid Robeyns (EUR) Room: H5-05

EIPE Seminar: Maarten Janssen

   Maarten Janssen (Vienna and EUR) – ‘Gaming in Combinatorial Clock Auctions’ Comment: Sander Onderstal (UvA).    Room H5-05