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Evolution & Moral Epistemology Conference

Insights from evolutionary theory, as well as recent empirical findings in fields such as moral psychology and anthropology, have raised several questions of interest to moral philosophers. Does evolutionary theory affect the plausibility of different metaethical doctrines, such as robust realism, Humean constructivism, or skepticism? Do so-called Evolutionary Debunking Arguments (EDAs) provide a genuine and … Continue reading Evolution & Moral Epistemology Conference

Symposium “Evolutionary Debunking Arguments in Ethics”

Evolutionary Debunking Arguments in Ethics Normative, Metaethical, and Empirical Aspects November 28, 2014, 9.30h – 17.30h Utrecht University, The Netherlands                                 With talks by: Peter Königs (Tübingen University) From Moral Error Theory to Practical Error Theory Hanno Sauer (Tilburg University) The Weakest Link: Can … Continue reading Symposium “Evolutionary Debunking Arguments in Ethics”

Call-for-Abstracts OZSW conference 2013 now available

The call for abstracts for the OZSW conference 2013, to take place on November 15 and 16, is now available: download call for abstracts. For more info on the conference, please visit the conference webpage at this site.