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Nathan Wildman:

Martin Lipman:

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

12th Edition MetaMetaPhysical Club
13 December 2019 @ 13:00 - 16:30

Topic & aim

This study group is devoted to contemporary metaphysics, including ontology, mereology, the metaphysics of modality, fiction, the philosophy of time, and metametaphysics. Issues in contemporary metaphysics often bear on issues in other areas, such epistemology or logic, and often have a long history, with a lot to learn from historical work on earlier figures. We aim to organize events that emphasize these connections.

Set-up & practicalities

We will aim for meeting twice a year with an activity that is focused on a single theme (such as the philosophy of time, or mereology, the metaphysics of modality, etc.) and, where appropriate, will also invite speakers from affiliated fields.

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
Gijsbers, VictorLeiden University
Muller, F.A.Erasmus University Rotterdam
De Mey, TimErasmus University Rotterdam
Wildman, NathanTilburg University
Lipman, MartinLeiden University
Hogenbirk, HugoUniversity of Groningen
Beukes, JohannRadboud University Nijmegen
van Gemert, TiesTilburg University
Smid, JeroenUniversity of Amsterdam

Other people who belong to this group

Laurens Landeweerd, Daniel Kostic

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