Study group Aesthetics / Philosophy of the Arts



Coordinator: Rob van Gerwen (


Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Topic & aim

Philosophical research of aesthetic aspects of culture, and of the arts, from any philosophical tradition, concentrating on contemporary debates.

Set-up & practicalities

We intend to have regular meetings for discussion of members’ papers, as well as to organize a session at the next annual meeting of the OZSW, and (later) to seek co-operation for the organization of one or more courses for Master- or Phd-students

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
van Gerwen, RobUtrecht University
van Tuinen, SjoerdErasmus University Rotterdam
de Mul, JosErasmus University Rotterdam
Düwell, MarcusUtrecht University
Früchtl, JosefUniversity of Amsterdam
van Peperstraten, FransTilburg University
Vega, JudithUniversity of Groningen
Sancho, EvaUniversity of Amsterdam
Boven, MartijnLeiden University
Niklas, StefanUniversity of Amsterdam
Erden, Yasemin JTwente University

Other people who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
Dr. Chiel van den Akker Amsterdam (VU)
Prof. Henk Borgdorff Den Haag (KonCon)
Nirav Christophe Utrecht (HKU)
Eleen Deprez Brussel (VU)
drs. Karin van den Driesche

Shunning Wang

Tilburg (UvT)

Shanghai (SHU)

Drs. Jurry Ekkelboom Nijmegen
Drs. Kris Goffin Leuven (HIW, KU)
Mathijs Gomperts Amsterdam (UvA)
Drs. Dimitri Goossens Brussel (VUB)
Drs. Susan Hol Chaugey, Fr.
Vlad Ionescu Brussel/Gent (St. Lucas)
Sajda van der Leeuw New York
Dr. Hans Maes University of Kent
Drs. Annelies Monseré Ghent University
Drs. Maarten Steenhagen London (UCL)
Prof. dr. (em.) Wessel Stoker Amsterdam (VU)
Prof. Renée van de Vall Maastricht (MU)
Petra Vanbrabandt Antwerpen (AU)
Prof. Bart Vandenabeele Gent (UG)
Drs. Inge van de Ven Utrecht (UU)
Dr. Janneke Wesseling Den Haag (KABK)

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