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  • Katrien Schaubroeck (University of Antwerp,
  • Alfred Archer (Tilburg University,

Upcoming activities of this group

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Past activities of this group

Topic & aim

Moral psychology in the broadest sense (both conceptual analysis and empirically informed), topics like moral emotions, intention, motivation, judgment, responsibility and free will, moral agency, reasons….

Set-up & practicalities

The group will meet at least twice a year for a work-in-progress session (in particular aimed at PhD-students).
Other activities will consist of reading groups, workshops with a guest speaker. 
The study group mailing list can also be used for communicating interesting local activities, such as a discussion/reading group of recent work in moral psychology.

OZSW members who belong to this group

Member Affiliation
Hindriks, FrankUniversity of Groningen
Anderson, JoelUtrecht University
Kalis, AnnemarieUtrecht University
Sie, MaureenTilburg University
Bransen, JanRadboud University Nijmegen
Jongepier, FleurRadboud University Nijmegen
Colombo, MatteoTilburg University
Schaubroeck, KatrienUniversity of Antwerp
van der Weele, CorWageningen University
Robichaud, PhilipVU University Amsterdam
Horstkoetter, DorotheeMaastricht University
Brandenburg, DaphneUniversity of Groningen
Archer, AlfredTilburg University
lee, MinhaEindhoven University of Technology
Veluwenkamp, HermanDelft University of Technology
Boon, ErrolUniversity of Amsterdam
Drissen, YvetteTilburg University
Mills, GeorginaTilburg University
Costella, AnnalisaErasmus University Rotterdam
Marin, LaviniaDelft University of Technology
Heijmeskamp, ThijsErasmus University Rotterdam
Waelen, RosalieTwente University
Lopez Cantero, PilarTilburg University
Rijnders, JeroenUtrecht University
Goffin, KrisUniversity of Antwerp
Schaab, JanisUniversity of Groningen
Slegers, RoosTilburg University
de Jongh, DideErasmus University Rotterdam
Eigner, MichaelUniversity of Groningen

Other people who belong to this group

Benjamin de Mesel (KU Leuven), Esther Kroeker (Universiteit van Antwerpen), Maarten van Doorn (CEU), Ugur Aytac (UVA), Edwin Bierlee, Lotte Spreeuwenburg (Universiteit van Antwerpen),  Amber De Kock (Universiteit van Antwerpen), Marjan Naghdi, Yanni Ratajczyk, Sigrid Wallaert, Vincent Vincke (Free University of Brussels (VUB)), Wessel van Dommelen

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