Three new studygroups

We are happy to announce that three new study groups have been put up at OZSW: Studygroup Ancient Philosophy; Studygroup Philosophy of Biology; and Studygroup Philosophy in Central and Eastern Europe.

Studygroup Ancient Philosophy aims to discuss recent trends in research about Greco­Roman philosophy. There will be meetings twice a year. During these meetings, (i) recently published papers (and book chapters) wil be discussed that promise to influence future scholarship; (ii) papers will be held by invited speakers; (iii) work in progress by members themselves will be discussed. The study group also aims to facilitate cooperations between the OZSW and other institutions in the area of ancient philosophy. For more information on this group or to become a member see here.

Studygroup Philosophy and Biology aims to bring together scholars who share an interest in contemporary philosophy of biology (broadly conceived, including scholarship in the history and social studies of biology with a conceptual, theoretical, and/or philosophical component). The main activity of the study group is two organize monthly seminar-style meetings. The meetings will be dedicated either to in-depth discussion of a recent publication in philosophy of biology, or to discussion of work-in-progress from one of the participants. In addition, the meetings will serve as a platform for exploring and establishing national collaborations and can be used to initiate proposals for workshops or small colloquia. The study group aims to apply for funding to invite a visiting foreign speaker once a year. To increase awareness of activities within the field of philosophy of biology, one of the group members (Eva Boon) will compile a newsletter on a regular basis. People will be able to sign up for this newsletter through a link on the study group’s OZSW webpage. For this and more see here.

Studygroup Philosophy of Central and Eastern Europe aims to bring together experienced and junior researchers interested in the history of philosophy and the history of ideas in Central and Eastern Europe. The group deals with a wide variety of topics and philosophical trends represented in the region: from Kantian and phenomenological traditions to Marxism and truth theory. The particular interest of the group lies in comparative philosophical studies involving East-West, as well as South-North European perspectives. Speakers from different parts of the world will be invited in order to extend inter-cultural communication and stimulate new research in the field. The Sub-group on Russian religious thought explores vast cultural contexts, in which it has been rooted. The connections between Russian philosophers in their homeland and in exile, the influences of ancient Greeks and Christian thinkers are going to be discussed. For more information on this group or to become a member see here.


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