New OZSW Study Group: The MetaMetaphysical Club

The MetaMetaphysical Club, coordinated by F.A. Muller & Tim de Mey, is now part of the OZSW as one of its study groups.

The topic is Analytic Metaphysics, broadly construed, that is, including metaphysical issues in philosophy of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of knowledge and philosophy of language. All subjects currently discussed in analytic metaphysics fall under the sway of this group.

Twice a year The MetaMetaphysical Club organises a one-day workshop with 4 or sometimes 5 speakers, at the Faculty of Philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The name is an allusion to William James’ MetaPhysical Club.

More information about this new OZSW study group and a form to register as a member can be found on the webpage of The MetaMetaphysical Club.

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