List Elective Courses for ReMa Students Now Available

It is possible for students at a Dutch university to follow elective courses at other Dutch universities for free. If you are a ReMa student in Philosophy and interested in what other ReMa programs in the Netherlends have to offer: the available courses for the academic year 2014/2015 have now been collected on the OZSW website. With thanks to Joel Anderson, Johan Hartle, Conrad Heilmann, Fred Keijzer, Carla Rita Palmerino and Jan Sprenger – who have made this possible by sharing the information from their university.
For some programs/courses the exact details for the upcoming academic year are not yet available online – but they will be soon. In the mean time, you can at least already see and compare all the course titles available at different universities.

If you consider taking one of these courses at another university than your own, the OZSW would like to draw your attention to two points:

  • If you wish to register for a course at another university, the first step is to arrange for a secondary enrollment at that university. More information
  • You should furthermore check with the Examinations Committee of your local programme for final confirmation that these courses can be counted towards graduation. More information
As both administrative procedures may take some time to complete, we advise ReMa students to start them up in time.


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