Registration & cancellation policy OZSW schools/courses


  1. A registration for an OZSW course or summer/winter/autumn school will not be considered as completed until full payment has been made.
  2. In case the course/school has a limited number of places for participants and the course/school has already been fully booked at the moment of receiving the payment, the full amount will be returned (and registration will automatically be cancelled).
  3. Most OZSW events will be free for members, or charge a reduced fee for members. When registering for an event, it is the responsibility of the student to make sure first that (s)he is an OZSW student.
  • If a membership registration is made only after the course/school registration has been made, and the student has already paid the full fee, the OZSW is not obliged to refund money in order to arrive at the reduced fee.
  • If somebody who registers as an OZSW member is in fact not an OZSW member, the course/school registration will be considered as uncompleted until membership has been taken care of.


  1. The OZSW charges €50 euro administration costs when participation in a school/course is cancelled by the student.
  2. As summer/winter/autumn schools take place at an external location, costs for external accommodation are involved. Refunding will depend on the cancellation policy of the venue in question. In case of the Woodbrook Hotel in Barchum the refund policy is as follows:
      • More than 3 months’ notice: 100% refund of the course fee (minus €50 administration costs)
      • Between 3 and 2 months’ notice: 75% refund of the course fee (minus €50 administration costs)
      • Between 2 and 1 months’ notice: 50% refund of the course fee (minus €50 administration costs)
      • Between 1 month and 2 weeks’ notice: 25% refund of the course fee (minus €50 administration costs)
      • Less than 2 weeks’ notice: no refund
  3. If a participant wishes to cancel, (s)he has the option to have another student (such as a colleague from the same department) participate in her/his place, provided that the coordinator of the course/school agrees to this, and under the conditions set by the coordinator (such as preparations that need to be made by the new student).
  4. In case the participant who wishes to cancel finds another student to replace her/him, the students ought to arrange the financial part amongst themselves (i.e. the OZSW will not refund the money to the cancelling student and send out a bill to the new student).
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