Register as OZSW member

Below you can find a link to the membership registration form. However, before filling out this form, we kindly request you to take a look at the different membership types & fees, to see if (a) you are eligible for membership and if so (b) which type of membership applies to you.

We will try and respond to membership applications as soon as possible. However please have some patience, as it may take us up to two weeks to process your membership application.

Please note that the OZSW has a very specific mission, and is not a general association of philosophers in the Netherlands. There are other forums and organizations for these purposes. We are unfortunately not able to respond to registrations of people who obviously do not meet the membership criteria. If you are in doubt about whether you meet the criteria or not, please don’t hesitate to contact us before attempting to register.

Please note: Research Master students can not us this form to become an OZSW member. They need to be registered as an OZSW member by the ReMa-coordinator of their department.

Go to the membership registration form.


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