Three new OZSW Courses (EPP) Fall 2016

After the summer three new OZSW PhD courses (EPP) will take place: Climate Ethics; Philosophy of Risk; and Philosophy of Responsible Innovation. Registration for all three courses is open; we hope to welcome you all!

Climate Ethics
In this PhD course the subject of climate ethics will be studied from a variety of perspectives. There will be twelve meetings divided over six Fridays, each started with a short introduction by the principal lecturer of the particular meeting. The lecturer will discuss some of the literature that serves as a starting point for a literature search on the subject by the PhD students themselves. On the basis of this literature search, one of the students will orally present his/her findings leading to discussions with the other students. The principal lecturer will moderate this discussion. The course will be closed by a paper on a subject of the students own choosing (4000 words, 10 pages, in English), and of course evaluation of the course.
Organizer/Lecturer: Marc Davidson (UvA); Bernice Bovenkerk (Wageningen UR)
Location: Utrecht University
Dates: 16, 23, 30 September; 7, 14, 21 October 2016
For more information and registration see here.

Philosophy of Risk
Risk is a key topic within different areas of human activity. For example, it is a central concept used by those who design and regulate technology to evaluate its impact. It is a central concept with respect to health and medicine, as well as in public policy-making. The identification, assessment, evaluation, distribution, and management of risk also form an interdisciplinary domain of increasing importance and presence in the academic world. Risk is an area where philosophical reflection and ethical theorizing can make important contributions. It is also a fairly new topic on the philosophical scene, where there is lots of work to do. This seminar approaches the topic of risk via recent work on risk within a number of different sub-domains of ethical theory. We will, among other things, discuss ethical criteria for the distribution of risk, how engineers think about risk, risk as it relates to issues of trust and informed consent, self-driving cars and accident-algorithms, and existential risk. There will also be a professional development component. It will be about how to write for peer-reviewed journals.
Organizer/Lecturer: Sven Nyholm (TU/e)
Location: University of Technology Eindhoven
Dates: 31 October; 1-4 November 2016
For more information and registration see here.

Philosophy of Responsible Innovation
This course discusses the main philosophical issues in relation to Responsible Innovation, an emerging concept in the EU context which highlights the relevance of social-ethical issues in research and innovation practices. This emerging concept calls for philosophical reflection on the nature, scope and applicability of responsibility and innovation in innovation practices in general, and the way social-ethical issues can be applied and addressed in specific fields like business, healthcare and energy in particular. Topics that will be covered include the nature of responsibility in responsible innovation, the role of societal values in innovation and value sensitive design, philosophical reflections on the role of knowledge and risk in innovation, constructive technology assessment and governance of responsible innovation, Responsible Innovation in the public sector (healthcare), responsible innovation in the private sector.
Organizer/Lecturer: Vincent Blok (Wageningen UR); Ibo van de Poel (TU Delft)
Location: Wageningen and Delft
Dates: 23, 24, 25, 30 November, 1 and 2 December 2016 
For more information and registration see here.

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