OZSW PhD Student Seminar on Interdisciplinary Research

1 October 2014, 14.00 in Utrecht.
Organized by the OZSW PhD council.

Extended Registration deadline: 24 September 2014.

Working as a PhD-student in philosophy we have one thing in common: the awareness of a multiplicity of perspectives in any research field. What is more, most of us work on the borderline between two or more disciplines, and are confronted by the variety of perspectives every day. We see several combinations: philosophy and politics; philosophy and language; philosophy and science; philosophy and morality; philosophy and culture etc. Interdisciplinary thinking seems to be of growing importance.

On 1 October 2014 the OZSW PhD Council will dedicate a seminar on interdisciplinary research, in Utrecht, aiming

  1. to understand what interdisciplinarity really is;
  2. to explore the particular difficulties for three particular combinations;
  3. to formulate some strategies: how do we do best working in between two disciplines, making the combination a fruitful one?

The program of the afternoon is as follows:

14.00: opening session by dr. Coyan Tromp, Senior Lecturer and Curriculum Developer at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies of the UvA. She will share her experience as a teacher working in the field of interdisciplinarity, shedding broad light on its aspects, importance, and difficulties, opening up the different discussions that will follow in the second half.

15.00: coffee and tea

15.30: three parallel sessions

  1. prof. dr. Ferry de Jong (UU) on the interdisciplinary challenges related to philosophy and law 
  2. dr. Rutger Claassen (UU) on the interdisciplinary challenges related to philosophy and economics
  3. prof. dr. Hans Radder (VU) on the interdisciplinary challenges related to philosophy and science

17.00: closing session, sharing the different strategies found in the parallel sessions

17.30: drinks

You are all very welcome to join the seminar. If you wish to participate, please register at https://www.aanmelder.nl/interdisciplinary_research before Sept. 24, and make clear which of the three parallel-sessions you wish to attend. We will then send you a paper that will be discussed in the parallel sessions and is advised to be read in preparation. Details concerning the exact location will be made available then as well.

Best wishes and we hope to see you all October 1st,
On behalf of the OZSW PhD council,

Hedwig Gaasterland
Jurriën Hamer

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