Dutch-Flemish Day of Philosophy: ‘Tall Tales’

Dear all,

On 22 October 2016 an event will take place that is not to be missed: the yearly ‘Dutch-Flemish day of Philosophy’, or, in Dutch, de ‘Nederlands-Vlaamse Filosofiedag’. Its theme will be ‘Tall tales’ (of: ‘Sterke Verhalen’).

Dutch and Flemish philosophers are ‘taalkunstenaars’: they have always excelled in combining philosophy with storytelling. To highlight this special talent, the 36th DFDOP will feature academic philosophy with a twist. We host this year’s DFDOP at the ISVW and not at a university, therefore we propose an alternative format to the conventional conference program of the DFDOP. Our model is ‘science slam’, an increasingly popular event in which scientists of all disciplines present and explain their research in relatively short time (usually 10 minutes) to a broad public. For an example look here!

We encourage all PhD candidates to participate in this event and challenge them to test their story-telling skills! For more information on the details of the event, see here. We hope to see you all there.

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