“Design for values” (2015) – OZSW and 3TU.Ethics graduate course

The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) and 3TU.Ethics invite PhD students in philosophy to register for the course “Design for Values”, to take place April 7 -10, 2015.

This course discusses the main philosophical issues in relation to design for values. Topics that will be covered include the value-ladenness of technology, the approach of value sensitive design (VSD), the conceptualization and operationalization of values in design and value conflict in design. Students get to know some of the main positions in relation to philosophical issues in design for values, and the main arguments in the relevant debates. Although the focus is on the philosophical and ethical issues raised by engineering design, we will also touch upon some more fundamental philosophical issues and some methodological issues raised by design for values. This includes issues like:

  • The nature of values and the relation between values and norms
  • The possibility to embody values in technology
  • Value incommensurability, value pluralism and value monism

As part of this course, PhD students will also practice the skill: reviewing.

Please visit the course website for further information and registation.

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