Climate Ethics Course: Still 5 days to benefit from travel support

Dear OZSW PhD Students,

There is still room to register for the ‘Climate Ethics Course’. Limited budget is available to financially support OZSW PhD students living far away from Utrecht. If you want to benefit from this travel support, please send a motivated request at before January 16.

In this PhD course the subject of climate ethics will be studied from a variety of perspectives. There will be ten meetings, each started with a short introduction by the principal lecturer of the particular meeting. The lecturer will discuss some of the literature that serves as a starting point for a literature search on the subject by the PhD students themselves. On the basis of this literature search, one of the students will orally present his/her findings leading to discussions with the other students. The principal lecturer will moderate this discussion. The course will be closed by a paper on a subject of the students own choosing (4000 words, 10 pages, in English), and of course evaluation of the course.

You can register here:

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