Graduate course “Perspectives on Social Freedom: Core issues in Political Philosophy” now open for registrations

About the topic
Freedom is one of the most cherished values of our times, if not the most. There are, however, a number of different concepts of freedom. Isaiah Berlin famously distinguished between negative freedom and positive freedom – roughly speaking freedom as non-interference and autonomy. Philip Pettit and Quentin Skinner defend republican freedom as a third concept. In this course, all these kinds of freedom are discussed as well as their interrelations, their applications, and their significance in political contexts. Topics that play a particular central role in the course include freedom and its value; the societal pathologies of freedom; collective freedom, group rights, and self-determination; the relation between liberal and republican freedom; and the role that conceptions of the good life play in justice as fairness on the one hand and the capability approach on the other.More information can be found at

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