OZSW Webinar

OZSW webinar on research acquisition

Funding opportunities for research in the humanities in general, and for philosophy in particular, have become an issue of concern, for researchers and research managers, but also for students. What lessons can be learned from recent success stories within our research community? A number of colleagues who recently managed to acquire substantial research funding (“big projects”), share their experiences.

  • Prof. Dr. Jenny Slatman – Tilburg University [Mind the body: rethinking embodiment in health care (VICI)]
  • Prof. Dr. Ir. Ibo van de Poel – TU Delft [VICI (New technologies as social experiments), ERC (Design for changing values), Gravitation (Ethics of socially disruptive technologies]
  • Dr. Mariette van den Hoven – Utrecht University [Integrity. Development of innovative, evidence-based tools for teaching research integrity (H2020)]
  • Mediator: Hub Zwart – ESPhil, EUR (PRINTEGER, BaSyC)

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