New OZSW Website / Improved Event Calendar

The temporary OZSW website, which had been online since the start of the OZSW last year, has finally been replaced with a ‘permanent’ site (thank you, webdesigner Petra Baumann!). The new site has  a more contemporary look. Furthermore, some improvements have been made to the event calendar:

  • After logging in OZSW members can now add events with a user-friendly, front-end form (you can also still e-mail your events to!).
  • In addition, the event calendar now features the logos of the organizing/hosting university.

We hope that this will encourage the philosophy departments participating in the OZSW to submit all their events to the calendar, including colloquia and seminars that are open to external participants. Please note that a student-assistant will add all (academic, Dutch) philosophy events advertised on Filos-NL to our OZSW event calendar.


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