Lecture/debate Sally Haslanger preceding 2013 OZSW conf.

PosterOZSWconference2013Preceding the 2013 OZSW conference, on the morning of Friday November 15th, philosopher Sally Haslanger will give a public lecture, followed by a debate, on “The Women’s Question in Academic Philosophy.” The lecture will be followed by a panel debate. For more information on this lecture/debate, please visit https://www.ozsw.nl/pre-conference-events/. On Saturday November 16th Haslanger will also give the closing lecture at the 2013 OZSW conference. Both events take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

If you do not attend the conference you can register at aanmelder.nl. Otherwise, you can register for the conference and the pre-conference event simultaneously. See aanmelder.nl.

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