Additional membership policy/guidelines

At the beginning of each year, members will receive an automatic invitation to confirm or opt out of continuation of their membership.

Membership of the OZSW entails a duty to inform the OZSW secretariat of any changes in the relevant information (such as change of affiliation/employer, graduating, end of contract, etc.).

PhD students who earn the PhD degree can continue to be a member of the OZSW for one year without having to pay a membership fee. If within that year they become employed at a Dutch or international university, then the membership rules for regular and international members apply.

Regular members affiliated with one of the 11 founding partners whose employment contract ends, can remain a regular member for another 12 months after the end of their contract, without having to pay a membership fee.

Members who retire can remain regular members, as long as they continue to remain active in publishing academic philosophy, or as long as they supervise PhD students.

Philosophers who do not meet the criteria for membership, yet who do want to become members of the OZSW, can apply for an exception (stating the reasons/motivation for membership) by sending a request to the scientific director of the OZSW.


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